Thanks for stopping by. I’m an author, advice columnist, New Yorker, and word nerd. I’ve been "Dear Carol" at Girls' Life since 1994 and my first book, GIRLTALK: All the Stuff Your Sister Never Told You, came out in a dozen languages. I’ve answered approximately one zillion letters from girls.

My newest novels are about fifth grader Ava Wren. The New York Times says AVA AND PIP is “a love letter to language” and “perfectly captures the complexities of sisterhood.” Vanity Fair calls AVA AND TACO CAT “purrfect.” AVA XOX is coming Feb 1, 2016 -- preorder here.

Back in first grade, I remember learning how to spell my first word: I. One long line, two little lines. Wow. How cool was that? At Yale, I studied French, Italian, and Spanish literature and loved that reading and writing still counted as homework. This was simply excellent, excellent,  eccellente, ¡excellent! (Pssst, languages are way more fun than you think.) 

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