Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been the "Dear Carol" advice columnist at Girls' Life since 1994, and  GIRLTALK: All the Stuff Your Sister Never Told You, the first of my 15 books, came out in a dozen languages. 

My brand new novel is AVA XOX -- order here. It's the third diary of fifth grader Ava Wren. The New York Times says AVA AND PIP is "a love letter to language" and "perfectly captures the complexities of sisterhood."  Vanity Fair calls AVA AND TACO CAT "purrfect." And Sue Grafton told her Facebook fans: "My grandkids love the AVA WREN series." I hope you do too!

Next book event? Bank Street Bookstore Sat Apr 30 at 11:30. I like visiting schools and I'm happy to Skype too. Check out this "Skype Moment of the Week" and "Publishers Weekly Photo of the Day"!

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