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Can you believe I've been "Dear Carol" at Girls' Life for almost 25 years?? Now more than ever, I want to give girls courage and sensible advice.

SPEED OF LIFE took f-o-r-e-v-er to write, but look! Great reviews! New York Times Book Review: "funny, perceptive and moving... I laughed out loud and I teared up while reading this novel.” New York Post: "Required Reading." Read the first page. It’s at Barnes & Nobles (YA Must Read table!), IndiesAmazonAudible! FOUR starred reviews: KirkusPublishers WeeklySchool Library Journal, Booklist. YALSA's 2018 Best Fiction for Young AdultsBank Street Best Children's Books, Chicago Public Library's Best of the Best

Why not invite me to visit your school? Just ask! I recently spoke at Spence and at Brooklyn Collaborative... Skype Moment of the WeekPublishers Weekly Photo of the Day. I've been on Oprah, The View, Today, and I like writing letters for the New York Times. And Oct 5 letter. Recent TV: Squawk Box + NY1 + Twin Cities Live + CNN Español. (Sí, hablo español...)

Will you think I'm shallow if

I suggest you jump right to HALL OF FAME photos? Judy Blume! Lois Lowry! Jason Reynolds! Lin Manuel Miranda! Tom Wolfe! Cool, right? Which authors do you recognize? Just click. My PW tribute to Sue Grafton.  

More, more, more

My first book, GIRLTALK: All the Stuff Your Sister Never Told You, came out in a dozen languages and is still in print. AVA AND PIP, AVA AND TACO CAT, and AVA XOX are diaries of a fifth grader. The New York Times says AVA AND PIP is "a love letter to language" and "perfectly captures the complexities of sisterhood." A quick video about the series.  

Join me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. In SLJ, you can read Five Things I've Learned From Being an Advice Columnist. For class or clubs: Speed of Life Discussion Guide. And if you like novels that make you cry, listen to this.

Husband Rob Ackerman works for SNL and is a playwright. (New plays: Loyalty and Gumballs.) Daughter Lizzi has a pancake business, Birch Benders featured on the Today Show and HuffPo. Emme, whose name is a palindrome, just left NBC and went hiking in Sri Lanka! And we all love our rescue cat Mike.  >^..^<  


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