I ❤ school visits and book fairs! Please invite me -- write carol@carolweston.com.

One of my passions is getting students fired up about reading and writing. The ideal school visit? Hmm, if it's all girls, maybe "FOR GIRLS ONLY" or "SEVENTH GRADE CONFIDENTIAL" or "EIGHTH GRADE CONFIDENTIAL" because I can talk as an author and advice columnist. Students scribble questions on index cards ahead of time and I give answers on stage. Spontaneous Qs and As work too. But I love addressing younger and older and co-ed groups in your auditorium or library too. Big crowds are fine as I've been doing this  for decades. With small groups, I can do workshops or writing prompts. Skype visits are also possible. Ask me about setting one up. Sometimes stores and schools team up, as Politics & Prose did (see below), and it's nice when schools distribute book order forms.

My fee? Ugh, I still get tongue-tied about this. For $1500, I'm yours all day: three classes (grades 4 and 5, 6 and 7, 8 and 9?) and maybe even a lunch with chosen students or interview with the school newspaper. But there are times when I can speak pro-bono or work within your budget--especially if you're a walk or subway away and just want half my day. Note: Little kids are cuuuute, but third graders and up get more out of my talks. I need a microphone and I have a powerpoint...  Parents or PTA or Press welcome. Bring 'em on! I'm easy.

Pssst, I'm actually often looking for an excuse to visit Denver, Dallas, D.C., Columbus, Atlanta, Sarasota, San Francisco, and Bozeman, so those might be a fast yes. And if you have a SPANISH or FRENCH Immersion School, I will present in español or français. Es verdad. C'est vrai. Le juro. Je vous jure. Extra fun for me and the kids. 


A School Visit, Explained

Carol Reads from AVA AND TACO CAT

Fourth Grade 2015 at

Politics & Prose in DC

Writing Tips

(short 'n' sweet)


Sixth Grade 2014 at

Center for Fiction NYC

Don't forget to order books for yourself or your library. And whenever possible, support local bookstores and "indies" when you host authors. A win-win!