I love when kids are excited to meet me. But you know what? I get excited to meet authors too (like Anthony Doerr and Lois Lowry and Karl Ove Knausgaard and Khaled Hosseini and Colson Whitehead). Some famous writers have become friends, like Sue Grafton and Tom Wolfe (who write for adults) and Elizabeth Winthrop and Richard Peck (who write for kids). Here in New York City, Rob and I occasionally get to shake hands -- or hang out -- with other cool people too, from former Mayor Bloomberg, to Caroline Rhea, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Morgan Freeman, Alec Baldwin and D of DMC. Heck, our daughters have met Judy Blume, Owen Wilson, Conan O’Brien, and Daniel Radcliffe back when he was Harry Potter. Can you spot him? Look closely and you'll see Chris Grabenstein and Julie Sternberg, Darin Strauss and Suzannah Meadows, Dave Barry, Elizabeth Strout, Paul Zelinsky, Mike Curato, Delia Ephron, Ann Hood, even poet Denver Butson and the original Maybelle. (Here's a question: when I was on Oprah, why didn’t I snap a selfie?) 


Way before Facebook, I kept scrapbooks. I've always loved photos and I'm sharing some with you. I'll probably change this around and I love when fans send me photos from all over the world! Feel free to send yours!