I started writing for girls when I was a girl and I guess I never stopped. GIRLTALK came out when I was 28 and has been translated into a dozen languages. I've revised the book four times so the advice stays up-to-date. Funny, but the questions I've been receiving for decades haven't really changed all that much because young girls will always want to know how to make friends and talk to boys and get along with parents and do well in school and take care of their bodies.

This tried-and-true critically-acclaimed book can give a girl the gift of confidence. (HarperCollins)

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an indispensable guide
— Working Mother
Carol Weston tells it all
— Good Housekeeping
The ‘Dear Abby’ for teenage girls
It’s fresh. It’s fun. It’s also serious ... Girltalk is a winner and should be owned by every young woman.
— Columbus Dispatch