Do you like to travel? So does Melanie Martin and her little brother Matt the Brat! Melanie is ten and lives in New York City with her art teacher mom and history buff dad. These four diary-novels all double as travel guides. (Knopf)

fun fun fun
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achingly real…especially gratifying
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Carol Weston gets girls.
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The Diary of Melanie Martin

In the first of the four, Melanie, Matt the Brat, Miranda, and Marc (the four Ms!) go to Italy. They visit parks, eat gelatos, and chase pigeons in the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But in the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Melanie keeps telling Matt, six, to get lost. Uh oh, what if he does???

Winner of a Kentucky Bluegrass Award


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Laugh-out-loud funny
— School Library Journal

Melanie Martin Goes Dutch

Melanie’s family is going to Amster Amster Dam Dam Dam, and because of a healthy crisis, her best friend Cecily goes too. Sounds ideal, and Melanie, Matt and Cecily love sneaking around and playing their favorite secret museum game, Point Out the Naked People. In Holland, however, while Melanie learns about van Gogh, Anne Frank, and tulipomania, she also learns about jealousy—and compassion. 


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A winner!
— Discovery Girls

With Love From Spain, Melanie Martin

Melanie, 11, is off to ¡España! She’s excited about flamenco, bullfights, paella and Picasso, but feels weird about meeting an ex-boyfriend her mom dated in college. Melanie decides to spy on Antonio for Dad, but gets mighty distracted by the ex’s son, Miguel, who is 12 and cuuute. When he gives her little air kisses on her cheeks, is that a Spanish custom or does it mean more? (PS I lived in Spain for years and poured what I know into this book!)


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A great children’s book
— New York Daily News

Melanie in Manhattan

Miguel comes to New York City, so Melanie the tourist becomes Melanie the tour guide! They visit the Met, the Bronx Zoo, the Empire State Building, and all five boroughs. But Melanie’s feelings for Miguel keep changing because of Justin, the boy next door. And whoa, it is  time to confront her rival, Suze the Ooze.


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A hilarious romp through the Big Apple.
— Girls’ Life